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Bentwood/South America

"Bentwood furniture in South America - Muebles de madera curvada"

Authors: Natascha Lara/Wolfgang Thillmann
Language: German/Spanish/English

This book shows the personal preference of the authors for bentwood chairs on one side, but also the appreciation of bentwood furniture outside of Europe on the other side. From the perspective of some proud collectors and users in South America a worthwhile insight into the worldwide spread of bentwood furniture and their innovative aspect will be demonstrated. Thus, this book is a contribution, to preserve the earliest traces in the spread of bentwood furniture made by Michael Thonet, the most successful furniture maker of the industrial age.

In addition to this South America part - with wonderful photos from the collection of Natasha Lara - the book contains a revised history by Wolfgang Thillmann which gives an interesting and partly surprising insight of the company "Gebrüder Thonet." A must for every bentwood collector.

The book is illustrated in color, has 408 pages and a trilingual text part: German, Spanish and English.

Further information on request.