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Exhibition Bystrice

Fauteuil Palais Palffy
Fauteuil Palais Palffy

150 years Thonet factory Bystrice

Bystrice castle

From 03.06. to 24.07. 2011

On the occasion of the 150th Anniversary of the founding of the second Thonet factory in Bystrice in 1861 at the castle in Bystrice from 03.06. to 24.07. 2011, selected furniture from the collection of the museum was presented. Besides numerous seating furniture from the early days in Boppard and Vienna also unique pieces from the collection were showed up to the current production.

A group of Thonet experts got under the expert guidance of the curator of this exhibition, Jiri Uhlir, an overview. At a specially organized tour within the factory of the "TON" company an insight was given into the current production. The bending always is done in the same way as in the time of Michael Thonet: Three-dimensional parts can be bent only by hand, for two-dimensional bendings machine force is used.